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I am a Lecturer (~Assistant Professor) at the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. My work focuses on the development of novel approaches towards automated cyber defence. In particular, my interest is on how to apply text mining and machine learning techniques in defence methodologies.

Previously, I was a Research Associate at Cardiff University working for the Discribe Hub and Data Innovation Accelerator projects.

I am a co-founder and act as a domain knowledge expert of QRLA, a start-up formed as part of the Cyber Innovation Hub initative in collaboration with Alacrity.

🚨 Looking for PhD Students! - I am interested in supervising funded or self-funded PhD students in projects involving Large Language Model (LLM) security. Please check the relevant page in FindAPhD for more information and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Natural Language Processing/Text Mining/Information Retrieval
  • Machine Learning/Adversarial Machine Learning
  • Intrusion Detection
  • PhD in Computer Science, 2017

    Cardiff University

  • BSc Information Systems, 2013

    Cardiff University


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Co-Director of SAI Lab
The Safe AI (SAI) Lab is a research group dedicated to ensuring the ethical and secure development of Artificial Intelligence technologies. As a leader in the global movement towards responsible AI, we focus on both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of AI safety. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with experts across various domains to advance the field and address critical challenges. At SAI Lab, our research spans diverse topics such as algorithmic transparency, robustness, fairness, and the prevention of AI misuse.
New Publication
Co-author of our paper Investigating Radio Frequency Vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things (IoT) published in MDPI IoT Journal.
MDPI Cybersecurity and Privacy
New Publication
Co-author of our paper Mapping Automated Cyber Attack Intelligence to Context-based Impact on System-level Goals published in MDPI Journal of Cybersecurity and Privacy’s special issue Data Protection and Privacy.

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  • WilliamsL10@cardiff.ac.uk
  • School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University, Abacws, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, CF24 4AG,